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inks, I'd say t▓he average cost per person here is 75 yuan ($1▓2) for breakfast, 80 for lunch, and 150 yu?/p> image

坅n for dinner. That is about on par with the price of a similar family style restaurant in Germany."Over the past ▓10 years, he says, he has worked on a n▓umber of food and beverage projects in Beijing and Shanghai, including consulting for successful brands such as O'Steak▓, Amandine, Enoterra, and April Gourmet.Bodensee Kitchen boasts an extensive menu. For drinks, there is a judic

iously chosen selection of wines from Germany and Austria; German beer such as Bitburger draft ▓beer, W

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r and Schofferhofer. For vegetarians, there are Schlutzkrapfen, Austrian dumplings, which are stuffed wi


th chopped spinach, garlic and a coating of nutty parmes▓an. There is also a menu for children.Finally, a warni▓ng about the ample size of the dishes, which mean that this cozy Brauhaus-style eatery is well suited to families and friends di▓ning together.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatA popular exhibition highlighting China's biggest achievements is being held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from Sept. 26 till ▓the end of November.Beijing exhibition celebrates China's achievements, showcases futureBe▓ijing exhibition celebrates China's achievements, showcases future11-16-2017

11:38 BJTBy Colin Robinson, CCTV.com reporter A popular exhibition highlighting China's biggest achiev

ements is being held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from  Sept. 26 till the

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end of November.The exhibition, which attracted large crowds, displayed the nation's greatest successes o▓f recent years in fields such as technol▓ogy, healthcare, culture and the fight against corruption. There were many case studies of rural areas tha▓t had become more prosperous and improved their infra▓structure

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. The exhibition also presented exampl▓es of China's technological ad

vancements, includi▓ng the AG600 hydroplane, a self-driving▓

car and AI robots. Among the main highl

ights were the BeiDou Naviga

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